About Us

Top 7 reasons for you to call us “My Vendor”.

  1. World renowned brands sourced from local distributors:

At My Vendor, we believe in globalization while supporting our local economy. We offer reputable brands trusted by Americans supplied from local distributors only. Rest assured that all products are stored and shipped by My Vendor, free of 3rd party sellers. We are continually working towards adding new products to our store providing a diverse collection for our customers.

  1. Quality Control:

We pride in shipping all the products after a streamlined rigorous quality check process. Our products undergo strict screening guidelines in terms of expiration dates and packaging thus ensuring viability to provide only the best quality products to our customers.

  1. Warehouse maintenance:

In addition to a strict quality control routine for products, our warehouses must meet stern requirements for safety and hygiene. We ascertain humidity control to maintain the freshness of our products.

  1. Commitment to personal privacy protection and secure online transaction:

We understand that as consumers, privacy protection is everything. We are strongly committed to ID protection and are certified by Trusted Site Verification and McAfee for secure online transactions through banks.

  1. Shipping information:

My Vendor is a US company serving customers worldwide! All My Vendor orders are shipped directly from our warehouse in the US located in New Jersey. Please refer to our shipping policy.

  1. Customer service:

We are personally accountable on delivering our commitment to you with outstanding products and develop relationship with our consumers for an unsurpassable service experience. We are available to you via your choice of communication – email, phone or chat when you need us for any concerns with your shopping needs.

  1. Our Mission

To create an exceptional patron experience and make My Vendor your preferred vendor choice for your shopping needs.